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Barra (59 mins) I met this hot blonde mamma in a bar that i'd been going to for the last couple of weeks. The first time I met her she was flirting like crazy and I just knew I needed to get her on my couch. I kept peppering her with compliments until she was on the ropes and then all I needed to do was give her the knockout blow and I knew she was going to open her legs for me. Conveniently she was also looking for a new job because of the hours she had to work at the bar. One of the things she hated the most was that she didn't have time to find a boyfriend, saying that it was hard to find decent men in the bar as they were all drunk and slobbering all over her. When I asked her what her type of man was she said 'someone like me' which caught me off guard, I mean could this girl be the one to tame the fake agent.... Doubtful. But then again she really liked me and there could be a potential future girlfriend on the cards; only time will tell. Maybe she'll be the girl to put me back on the straight and narrow, haha. I told her that if she did what I said she'd only have to work one day a week and could earn as much money as working a full week in the bar. Instantly her eyes lit up with the thought of all that extra cash and the thought it would give her much more free time to do what she wanted to do. I'm a little bit worried because I spunked inside her and she wasn't on the pill. It didn't concern me too much though as I went back for seconds, and we continued again with some anal... A great session all in all, and with one spunk in the pussy and one in the ass it is an achievement in itself.
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