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Paula (46 mins). Paula owns quite possibly the greatest pair of breasts in the world. I was convinced they were fake, as they were outstandingly firm to the touch. They looked perfect, felt perfect and tasted divine, but I'm jumping ahead of myself here. Paula had been to a casting before but from what I understand it may have been with our mentor and boss, Jim the Fake Agent. I don't think her previous casting went brilliantly as he sent her away telling her to get new clothes so she had returned and walked through my door with all her new gear ready to show off. I played along with this charade, I wasn't really interested in her clothes, more in what they contained. So she began to undress and change for me and my pussy began to moisten up as she revealed this incredible figure and her exotic look ticked all of my sexual boxes. I began to rub some cream into her legs as I told her she had dry skin, which she didn't really, but I could tell she was getting turned on as my hands slid up and over her legs. Then I told her I had to see her breasts as I didn't believe they were natural. He breathing got heavier as I squeezed and rubbed her amazing tits, I even let my assistant have a feel as they were just so incredible to touch. Paula wanted to do girl/girl scenes and so I told her it was time to test her. I bent her over my desk and began to lick and finger fuck her pussy from behind. This girls figure was driving me wild and it was time to really go to town on her amazing pussy. I turned her around and began to lick her pussy expertly, ending with her having a fantastic orgasm that sent ripples of pleasure all over her body. I was completely desperate for my own sexual fulfillment now and we were soon in the 69 position and she brought me to an amazing climax. I think I may have fallen a little in love with this beautiful woman, why cant every girl who comes into my office be as fabulous as her. Enjoy the video, I'm going to watch it again myself right now.
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